Af WW2 Air Field

soil map units where Af WW2 Air Field is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Tuvalu
Landscape position WW2 Airfield areas on Nukufeatau and Nanumea that occur mainly inland along the long axis of a motu, but usually with one or more cross runways.
Soil parent material Coralline gravel
Slope Flat (0-3°)
Surface outcrops No surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description Anthopically altered and compacted surfaces of coral gravel that were not broken up so only minimal soil development has occurred on the hardpan surfaces.
Soil profile texture -
Minimum effective rooting depth n/a
Soil pH (acidity) -
Salinity n/a
Soil fertility under natural conditions Not analysed
Soil moisture regime -
Susceptibility to drought Compacted surface of coral gravel likely to be prone to drought during dry periods
Soil drainage -
Susceptibility to waterlogging Not susceptible
Susceptibility to flooding Typically not susceptible to flooding

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