S Saline soils

soil map units where S Saline soils is dominant

Soil properties

Property Value
Geographic distribution Tuvalu
Landscape position Bare sandy flats that form lagoonside re-entrants
Soil parent material Coralline sand
Slope Flat (0-3°)
Surface outcrops No surface outcrops
Brief soil profile description Muds, sands and gravels bonded by an organic blue green algae which bonds the unconsolidated materials.
Soil profile texture -
Minimum effective rooting depth n/a
Soil pH (acidity) -
Salinity High
Soil fertility under natural conditions Not analysed
Soil moisture regime Peraquic
Susceptibility to drought Tidal - no susceptible to drought
Soil drainage Poorly drained
Susceptibility to waterlogging Water tables is close to the surface and tidally influenced
Susceptibility to flooding Regularly or episodically affected by tidal inundation by sea water

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